Booking 232 Sandy Ridge Drive couldn’t be simpler. We have developed an easy to follow five step plan to help you through the process.

Obviously, as our villa is in Florida you must first get to America. Flights to Orlando can be readily found on the internet, although finding a flight and actually booking it can be two different things.

We recommend checking the availability of our villa and pre-booking it subject to flights being booked. We can hold the accomadation for upto 7 days for you.

There are two airpots serving the Orlando area, Sanford International and Orlando International. Although Orlando is a little closer, there is not a huge difference between the two, and sometimes Sanford can be quieter and you can get through quicker.

From the UK, Virgin and BA offer good daily services to Orlando International. During the peak holiday season, Thomas Cook and Thompson offer flights to Orlando, mainly to Sanford Airport. BA fly from Gatwick while Virgin fly from Gatwick and Manchester. Both have good websites as do Thomas Cook and Thompson and links are provided below. Other carriers such as Monarch also fly to Orlando.

You can also book flights from other airports, for example flying with KLM and going via Schiphol airport. Watch these flights as they can sometimes have a number of connecting flights, and sometimes travel websites advertise prices on flights, but when you phone up to book them they are no longer available.

Virgin's prices start off cheaper and get dearer, especially during peak season, so for busy school holiday times it is best to book early (9-10 months in advance). During quieter times their prices can fall quite low, and if flights are not filling up the price of flights can get cheaper as your dates get closer, especially flying on quieter days (Monday to Wednesday). Virgins website is excellent, but can become a gamble on prices at times.

Virgin | British Airways | Thomas Cook | Thompson

One final point. When you are traveling to America, you need to complete a 'Visa Waiver'. This now must be done online and approved before you leave. Whilst approval should be instant, they do say it can take up to 72 hours for approval, so be careful. There is a small charge for this. You can register for the ESTA visa waiver by clicking here